Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A day to celebrate

August 13, 2014 was an exciting day for our family!

Daniel and Andrew had been in the states visiting my parents since June.  Wednesday morning we made the 2 hour drive to Tallinn to pick up the boys.  
There were lots of smiles and excitement as we celebrated the boys' return and also welcomed home the birthday boy.   

When we returned to Johvi later that afternoon,  everything was ready to celebrate Daniel's 15th birthday.  Decorations, signs, balloons, dinner, cake, ice cream, and presents.

Ron and I were able to get him a couple of things off his "wish" list.
 an "eye" pad

 and an iphone

Really though, we gave him a nice card with some money for him to spend on what he wanted.

Since Daniel loves root beer and chocolate, I decided to make this Root Beer Bundt Cake.  He loved it....and so did everyone else. 
In case you are interested:
We can not get root beer here, so I used root beer concentrate.  Using this to make root beer is simple and rather tasty.


 photo rachelsig_zpsc246118c.jpg

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