Monday, October 13, 2014

Tour our home ~ Master Bedroom

For our 15th wedding anniversary we decided to paint and decorate our bedroom.  
We put a lot of time and thought into this project before we actually ever started it.  Instead of buying a gift for each other, we put our money into this project.  We also added the money from family and churches that was given specifically for our anniversary.
We love how it turned out!

The first thing we had to do was choose the colors.  Once that decision was made, I started looking for a bedspread.  I found this gorgeous purple 10 pc bedding set 50% off.  What a blessing to be able to get a good quality bedding for a great price.  Then a friend brought it over in her luggage.

Pinterest inspired me with the idea of the shelf above the bed.  The glass picture frames on the shelf are the only gift I still have from my wedding.  They were from my parents and are very special to me.  The wall art was purchased off of Ebay at a very reasonable price.

My lamps are also the result of an idea found on Pinterest.  (what would I do without Pinterest???) 
These lamps were very inexpensive because they were so plain and simple.  Just a bit of stylish fabric and the lamps took on an entirely different look.  I love them!

Then there's my little lap blanket....
another touch in my room that warms my heart with special memories.  This blanket belonged to my grandma who is now in Heaven.  My mom saved it for me when I told her what colors we were using in our room "make-over". 

My parents bought this beautiful hand-painted vase for me while they were visiting here last summer. It was a "just because we love you" gift.  Not only does it look beautiful in our room, but it's a daily reminder of the special people God gave me for parents.

For our 16th anniversary, we added this chair to our room.  We had been looking for the perfect chair and I think we found it, don't you?  It's not just pretty, but comfortable too (a rare combination here).

Last Christmas Ron surprised me with this picture.  It holds such simple beauty that accents the room perfectly.
Then I chose the little white stand with black baskets for my birthday this year.  I like having a little something by the chair.
All the extra space along the wall is where my ironing board is usually set up.  Then on the weekends my bedroom is used as the laundry room as I fold a mountain of laundry.  

Sarah shares my love of purple and told me that she hopes her husband lets her have a purple room when she gets married :)

I am blessed with a very lovely room.

 photo rachelsig_zpsc246118c.jpg


  1. Hey Rachel,
    I love your bedroom! It's so pretty!

    1. Thanks, Tori!
      I look forward to the rest of your tour too.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

  3. Purple is my favorite color too. Your room is beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Jessi!
      (what made you guess that purple is my favorite color?)


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