Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Spirit Week ~ Day 2

Tuesday: Parent/Child Swap

In honor of the Parent/Child swap day, the kids were allowed one special privilege that comes with being the parent (and also the school teacher).
The Parent/Teacher survival kit.
Kit includes: tea or coffee and dark chocolate  

We are enjoying spirit week, 
but enjoying a hot drink and chocolate during school made today extra special.

Mom: played by Sarah          Sarah: played by mom

Caleb:  played by Dad             Dad: played by Caleb

Andrew:  played by Dad            Dad: played by Andrew

I linked up at the Baptist Missionary Women blog.
See you tomorrow!

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  1. They did great! Happy MK Spirit Week!

  2. Terrific! I am imagining what would've happened had we done this years ago. I have NO DOUBT our daughter could have handled being mom with flying colors. Our son would have been the funniest dad ever. My worries are that my husband and I would have been quiet, obedient children . . . ????

  3. These got some big laughs from all of us. I must say...the star of Spirit Week day 2 was Ron! He nailed it!


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