Friday, September 18, 2015

Daniel turns 16!

I can't believe it's been 16 years!

Daniel started his day off with a run.  When he left the house at 7:00 a.m., the rest of us worked quickly to put up some festive decorations and get a yummy breakfast cookin'.  
Daniel and his Powerade tower
After breakfast we rode the bus out to Mega Green - a large mall on the south end of Orel.  Our first stop was bowling.  We were all proud of Daniel when he won.  
Celebrating at Mega Green

Daniel did not get a shiny new car for his 16th birthday.....but we did take him driving. :) 
 My Daniel absolutely loves coffee!  When we got home from the mall I made Daniel a special birthday coffee. 

homemade iced coffee for the birthday boy

The birthday boy chose a delicious broccoli/chicken pasta for dinner.  I added some hot peppers (because we like spicy food).  

Daniel's birthday dinner

 After dinner Daniel opened presents, cards, and received birthday phone calls.  Since Daniel likes basketball, he chose to watch Hoovey  - a basketball movie, based on a true story.
the birthday boy
Let's not forget about dessert!
Daniel requested I make a cherry pie.  The kids had picked the cherries earlier in the summer from the cherry trees at the church property.  I had them bagged up in the freezer for this special occasion.  The pie filling was slightly tart sandwiched between two delicious flaky crusts.  Adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream was a perfect touch. 

cherry pie

Since 16 is an extra special birthday, we decided that his birthday celebration would not end when he went to bed.  Each morning for 16 days, Daniel received a special treat from us and we presented him with a card that had come in the mail.  Many friends and family joined us in making Daniel's 16th birthday special.

birthday cards
 Those 16 years went by quickly.  It seems like just yesterday I was gently rocking my first-born in my arms.  Now he is a handsome young man that is 6-8 inches taller than me.  There has been a lot of growing, learning, and maturing over the years.  You know, changes that come with growing up.  One thing that has not changed - not even a little - is my love for him.    

Daniel - 16 years old

 Happy Birthday, Daniel!!!

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